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Default Re: New and here was my bike :(

Yeah, any landing you can walk away from...
Glad to hear you're okay, considering how the bike looks.. Are you able to harvest parts off the bike or have the insurance types taken it away to write it off?

I don't know what local laws cover for you there, but $2k is a good place to start for a settlement IMHO. It sounds like the driver was 'at fault' (or would be here, but they may think differently where you are). Factor in:
* Cost of replacing the bike, cost of the motor kit and anything equipped (all charges, including shipping fees, bike accessories and even how much gas was in it),
* Labour time for the build (and maintenance/tweaking etc) at a rate per hour similar to any other specialized installer/mechanic would charge (after all, these aren't common machines yet).
* Any medical expenses, even if you only picked up a bottle of Tylenol and some band aids. (Around here I'm told you can add $3k-$5k per time you went to physiotherapy or something related, if you have a lawyer)
* Any clothing you were wearing that got ripped up or otherwise abused badly,
* Any expenses incurred for travelling that you would normally have considered riding for (cab fees, transit passes, gas and insurance for another vehicle, etc)
* Lost wages, if applicable, from being too sore to work comfortably,
* And of course, the ever popular "Pain and Suffering" figure, as I'll bet it'll be at least a few days before you're walking normally, and can easily do everything you did before the crash.

That's my 2 cents worth, anyway. Hope you're feeling better, and I hope you can get rebuilt and rolling again soon.


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