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Default Re: well i messed up big time

Ok here we go....
First off.... back away from the engine Sir... hands off the tools or slap dash fixes for the moment.
I've had that very same problem, but as per usual, when I do it i do it right. I cracked off the exhaust ports right hand side.
I snagged my stock muffler on a curb and CRACK! I had to peddle it all the way home, some 10 miles.
I had to buy a new cylinder, but i had the first one welded up and drilled and tapped, so now i have a spare.

Yours is not as badly damaged BUT there are a few things you need to watch out for.
Depending on how badly the stud hole is stripped out dictates the severity of the repair, or if you really need to disassemble the top end.
Disassembling the top end can be a little tricky, count on new base and head gaskets and you must be cautious about the piston rings, they must be orientated properly or the rings will snag on the ports and break.
I use a double wide hose screw clamp to compress the rings for easy re assembly and to keep them in the right position.
You dont want to pull the top end off if you dont have to.

If its just stripped then you might be able to just use a helicoil insert of the appropriate size, these are available at most major auto parts stores, dont bother asking at Homedepot.
Get more than one, to do both studs, get two of the right sized drill bits, the counter person at the auto parts store has a list of what size drill bit to use with which helicoil insert.
Stuff a paper towel into the exhaust port to stop any metal shavings from getting in there.
CAREFULLY drill out the stripped holes, go slowly and make sure you hold the drill perpendicular to the hole as not to miss drill it at an angle.
If you cant hold the drill correctly because the frames in the way you'll have to pull the engine out of the frame.
This is still easier than pulling the top end off.
Post those picks and we can tell you what way to go with it.
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