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Default Re: I'm running E85/Ethanol(when should I expect something to go wrong)

I opened up the carb and the needle is bare metal(and surprisingly pointy!).

I bought a #60 drill bit, which was the smallest one I could find, and I drilled out the main jet by hand. I wanted to go with a #64 but no store seemed to sell any less than 60, but I'm impatient by nature so I went with the 60. If it ends up being too rich, I'll just order a #64 bit and solder/redrill. I didn't get a chance to properly test the engine today because my gas tank keeps leaking. This happened before the ethanol but it's been dripping enough that fuel drips on the engine, and I just can't put up with that anymore. What's worse is that I have to drain the fuel out of the tank after each ride, which is a huge pain! So I've epoxied the tank and next time I find a cheap mini keg, I'll make a tank out of that.

Anyway, I'll be testing again tomorrow. I'm going to be looking into fuel treatments, although I've always been skeptical that such products actually work.

EDIT: So far, all the confirmed problems caused by ethanol on the internet seem to be caused by contact with rubber/plastic materials and plastic coatings. Also seems like there's more of a problem with small engines that are more than 10 years old. But I'll keep looking. So far I'm not too worried since there really aren't that many plastic/rubber products on my bike, outside of the gaskets, float, and fuel line(which I replaced with line that turns out to actually be ethanol resistant, according to the guy at the auto store). They say that the engine will run hotter, but mine didn't seem to run much hotter.

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