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Default New project

Hi folks..

I'm planning a new build, and as it turns out I have to wait a while for a kit to be available for it so I have some time to do some work on the bike itself and get it ready. (Before you ask, yes, I've looked at the prep-work forum etc).
This is a nice looking bike to start with though, and since I have time I want it to be really nice when it's done. Here's some pics of it as is. It's a Schwinn 5 Star Cruiser, 6-speed. As you can see there's minor surface rust on the chrome fenders, and there are places where the paint needs touching up (chain marks from being locked up, no major scratches, gouges etc.)

The plan so far is to fit it with a 66cc kit, with a chrome exhaust to go with the rest of the look. Probably go with a dual brake lever as well.

My neighbour is a retired mechanic (he restores mid-60's Mustangs), and he loves watching me work on these things. He's already offered to help with paint work for the tank and chainguard to match the frame, we're going to go with matching the 2 colours on the tank and detail in the striping I think.

Beyond that I'm looking for some thoughts on what could be done, without a large budget. I know I'll need a modified front motor mount, but that's all so far.

On a different tangent I'm also looking for thoughts on something else.. I just tripped over an old motorized scooter. It's missing the back wheel and drive chain, and possibly other parts. On the good side, the motor turns when the pull start is hauled on (and it barfs out old fuel/oil mix). The only thing I have found on it so far is a cover on the side of the motor that has GSMOON on it. If I can get it sorted out I'm actually thinking of scrapping the scooter part of it and mounting the motor (somehow) on a ForeRunner a guy I know has (well, he has 3/4's of one, missing front wheels and hardware, it still has the tie-rods and everything else). This page has nothing to do with me or him, but if you look near the bottom of the page for a few more pics that'll give you an idea of how it should look.

So, ideas? Thoughts? I have no solid timeline on either of these projects, but having something to do in the garage often beats being in the house.


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