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Default Re: New and here was my bike :(

Welcome to the forum!
Sorry to hear that you played Superman over a car.
Very glad to hear that you walked away from it with minor injuries!

You certainly should get reimbursed in full for the damages to the bike and yourself!
If you want to claim for build time (or rebuild time in this case...) then I agree, you will want all receipts for all parts involved in the build as well as a detailed repair invoice listing the individual times involved in installing or fabricating the parts. Each and every step along the way.
The more detailed it is the better your chances are of getting your claim paid in full.
I have done 100+ insurance claims repairing Harleys over the years.
The devil is in the details, and the details pay handsomely!
Remember that the insurance adjuster is there to both insure that there is no "funny business" going on with the repairs and also to "adjust" the claim for as little of a payout from the insurance company as possible.
Leave no doubt in the adjusters mind that everything claimed is accounted for and irrefutable.
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