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Default Re: New and here was my bike :(

Howdy Super. Glad ta meet you and bummer about your crash. sux.

I personally have no experience with dealing with your situation. I would suggest your time is worth some thing and is not being greedy asking to be compensated for what you have invested. Time and money. This had come up way back with another member. The insurance co. could not figure out how to deal with it and they bought him a Whizzer. (which cracked me up) But got me thinking that if ever in the same positon, I would ask for time spent building X my hourly wage at work + the cost to replace every thing. Or the coolest Whizzer I could find, snork.

Just glad to hear your OK!

But I'm sure some one will have some experience with your situation. Please post how ya do with every thing and new build.
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