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Default Re: Avid cyclist looking to build 1st motor bike

Originally Posted by virginian View Post
I put the GEBE Tanaka 32cc setup on an old mountain bike and it works great. I love riding it. It still feels and pedals like a real bike.
Thanks for the input.

I do like the simplicity of the design over a frame mounted kit, but I assumed the rear mount would make the bike feel strange in turns or quick maneuvering.

Having more clearance for pedaling with the motor in the rear is a bonus.

Also, would it be possible to build out a separate rear wheel for use with the motor and swap it out with a standard wheel if I want to go back to motorless? How long do you think it would take to swap? This would save me buying and 'restoring' an old frame for this project and just use a bike I already have. I could also then use it on my mountain bike or road bike depending on weather.

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