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Default Re: Anyone considering buying a Cranbrook Please Read First

I agree with Bairdco,
A lot of the people who bash coaster brakes have never used or seen a good one. They are not equal. Open them up for a look and you'll see these cheap little bearings in the Chinese brakes. Open up a Sachs, Bendix, etc. and you've got some real parts in there. Keep it greased and they will last forever.
We don't all of us race or can afford disc brakes. On some bikes the conversion to disc is no simple matter, say on a vintage cruiser where they just don't look right anyway. The question isn't what is best, but what works in what situation. No debate about stopping power potentially being superior with disc brakes, but I get tired of all coaster brakes being considered the same. They aren't. I'd rather have a good coaster brake than a crap disc brake. Rather have a good disc brake than a crap coaster brake. Whatever kind of brake you use, let it be well made. Even the pads on a V brake can make a big difference... Kool Stops vs. whatevers.
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