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Default Looking for Frame Advice

I'm wanting to build a bike obviously. lol. Anywho... I'm gonna use a Stingray 4" rear with Crome Disc Wheel covers, Billiet Front Wheel with 26x3" Kenda Flame, and a Springer front fork 9the one looks like a harley fork, NOT that other bent crap) And I would like an idea of what frame to use. I'm gonna use a SkyHawk 80cc (i know 79) And an add on Nitrous Kit. Will upgrade to a Morini when I gat the scratch to do it. And eventually use a Trike Conversion Kit and 2x Stingray reads. i know this is probably alot of vague useless info. But maybe it'll help with frame ideas. And i'd like the low slung chopper style, maybe somekind of softtail (i'm sure they will be easier to modify into a 4 inch rear. i was thinking about a rear suspention MTB. But i just dont know. Anyone have some ideas? Or buils ANYTHING like it before? Hopefully you did and it worked. lol. Thaks
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