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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Without bothering to check a weather report (remember this, it becomes important later) I decided that, after a year, it was time to see if the engine on my Higgins would run. There wasn't any reason it shouldn't. I spent many hours in the shed taking things apart and checking things over once I could walk around better after that accident. Brand new carburettor. New plug. Several adjustments and much tightening. Searched all over for any hairline cracks or other damage. Nothing should be keeping it from running top notch.

So tonight I grabbed the old peanut and bolted it on. Wired everything up. Made a last check of all nuts and bolts and wiring connections. About this time I hear a *CRAA*AA*ACk* BOOM!!! - and rain falls on the shed almost as if one of those forestry choppers emptied an upteen hundred gallon bucket. No riding tonight.

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