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Default Re: I'm getting stopped a lot lately

Man I just got rid of a cheap old bastard I built one for. Careful building a bike for someone else! Ughh...........This old dude made me nuts! Kept constantly bringing over weird people and wanting them to "TEST RIDE" my bike. And would never just buy what we needed. Always brought some old crap from his house I couldn't use. The deal was $50 labor and he supplied everything. I still spent 1/2 my labor money to use the right parts. Now he has the first bike I built him. He got mad and came over and took all his ****ty parts and tells me he is building them himself. Says he has 3 already sold. Blablabla... Problem is hes a picker/hoarder and I can only imagine the crap he is building.
I told him build away and that friction drive isn't my idea. Asked him if he had internet and he said he has someone who "goes online for him" LOL. Good luck buddy.
Oh yea I met him the same way. He stopped me and wanted to buy my bike. I told him no. He asked if I could build him one. Live & Learn.............
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