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Default Re: Liability issues

Originally Posted by monsterwalley View Post
Thanks, I deep down think I knew this. I havent had time to digest the info
here yet, just found this place yesterday. I am on a time crunch if this was
going to happen and wasn't sure if there was a top of the line kit that had
the bad stuff weeded out. Thanks and I'll heed your warning and research
a little better. The brief look around here I did so far indicates that these
kits will require an operator with a little mechanical skills and I'm afraid
the bidders at this auction probably won't have anyway.

Guess I'll have to build one for myself (big grin)
I agree with your conclusion. Just like motorcycles from slightly earlier times, these bikes require the owner to be able to turn a wrench with at least a monicum of skill. That being said, the level of skill needed isn't that difficult to aquire.
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