Thread: Weld? or Braze?
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Default Weld? or Braze?

I'm putting a Honda GXH in a '53 Panther. Pretty tight in height but it'll work. The main issue I've had in mockup is the supplied motor mount I got with the EZM kit. It has an issue with the frame on the down tube. To build a mount is very simple. I need to install a 1" by 1.5" piece of rectangular tubing accross the gap, and then use a piece of angle on each side for the motor mount. The angle will be slotted on both sides to give me a fore and aft movement and on top slotted for the port/starboard movement of the motor.

So to the the question: would you weld or braze the rectangular tubing in place on the bike? My experiece with welding from "the day" is that welding might make the bike tubing more brittle and possibly crack from the vibration of the engine later on.

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