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Default Re: My review of the GT5_A Superhawk

I brain stormed on it for a while and came up with this Idea to try a different Head!
I had a GT5 Slant Head and I used 3 gaskets, next time I work on it I will try 2 or 1 gaskets.
Anyhow!!! It runs better with a different Head it does not over heat.

(So The Super Rat Thin Heads w/ Small and Not enough Fins is the problem)!

Cold plug!
Run it rich!
Permatex Copper High Temp Gasket Sealer Spray Can!
Another issue solved!

Man I impress myself sometimes!
You See, I used the motor so I was like, stuck with it. I had to make it work.
One more thing?
I found that if you use a muffler clamp on the front mount around the bike frame and drill two holes threw the bracket and threw the top of the front mount on the engine and tap it. It holds the engine very nice and stiff, eliminates the vibration a high %. You can rev it all the way in 1st gear and hardly feel the vibration. So the front of the engine has to be stiff mounted on the frame real good, this was proven to myself through several of my motorized bicycle Builds w/ a shift kit and custom fitted and welded expansion chamber set-up. And of course port the intake and exhaust manifolds. If you want your engine to breathe the best it can to get the most power and mpg out of it.
Hope this helps someone!
I wish you good times, fun and safety.
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