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Default Re: My review of the GT5_A Superhawk

Okay, i changed my mind the GT5-A is crap. early this morning i went on a kinda long ride. on the way back i heard that wap wap sound of a leaking head gasket. you know i replaced the studs with the SBP set, locktighted them in, and guess what - maby cuz the compression or cheap case metal. 2 of the studs were riped from the case. i know they werent overtorqued, i had them at 10 ft pounds on a good craftsman t wrench.
Unbelievable, no actually believable. the wost part trhere is not enough case to try and retap to 8mm or do a heli coil. The case material is total junk.
well now i got a bunch of spare parts.
Its a good thing i still have and put back in my original 58cc motor. it dosnt have as much power as the gt5-a but i guess what good is power if it dont run.
well that project didnt work out. like they say "live and learn" right?
now i got to figure what the next project will be..
it is fun working on them but it is funner when the run! LOL LOL

My conclusion is it would be a great motor but i think they just went really low grade on the case and head material to probably save money and in turn ruined the motor
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