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Default Re: The "Red Hornet" a slightly different twist!

Hey Ron, thanks for the comments. Yeh, it's definitely a work in progress. The first version had a 2-stroke Chinagirl, the 2nd had a 4-stroke Hueng she with Stage III gearbox, then I went to the Homelite. The strange looking gear combination is because there is no gear reduction coming from the Homelite. The centrifugal clutch with 11 teeth drives a primary gear with 44 teeth. The primary drives a secondary with 11 teeth and a final drive with 44 teeth. This gives a final ratio of 16:1 going into the 3-speed hub. Normally, I'd be looking at a 19:1 ratio but the Homelite has more HP than Chinese motors, and low gear on the Nexus provides plenty of power on takeoff. This bike is a hoot to ride, almost as much fun as my Whizzer.
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