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Default Re: End of an Era?

I've bought all my engines from BGF and Luckyearlybird which are actually one in the same, parts from each of these sellers all come from the same place.

I have had good luck with mine, I have had one engine that I had major troubles with, rebuilt it and it ran great and then something else on it had a major failure, it was just a lemon out of the box which can be had from ANY of the sellers of these engine no matter what " BRAND" they stick on them.

BGF has always done me right and sent me exactly what I ordered from him and he ships quick, I have not had engines from anyone else but I have read reports that the engines that Duane at Thatsdax sells are pretty good engine kits and I do know he stands behind his stuff very good......probably better than anyone else for that matter.

Peace, map
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