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Default Re: My review of the GT5_A Superhawk

6MM studs can still be decent if they're made from good, strength rated steel.
Furthermore, the heads on these kits are pretty awful even on the lower compression kits. I keep advocating the use of the puch heads, as they have a couple hundred percent more cooling area, and good squish bands.

If you want to lower compression a bit and cool down your motor, here's what you do. Raise the exhaust port 1mm, by using a slightly thicker base gasket, or port it. This will lower your compression 2 ways: The trapped volume will be less and your head will be 1MM higher. lap the head and top end of the jug flat and use just one head gasket. If it's still too hot, get a variable timing magnet and retard the ignition 1 degree.

Replace those studs! Get grade 5 or 8 threaded rod from mcmaster, and loc tite them in their holes. The chineese studs strip if you look at them crosseyed because they're unrated. Sometimes you'll get lucky, mostly you will not.
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