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Default Re: My review of the GT5_A Superhawk

On The GT5-A Super Hawk????
The head and piston Body is set for high compression, So why do they put 6mm head studs? It needs 8mm.

The Head has small fins so no matter how many head gaskets you use it gets too hot!!!

After 10-15 minutes and does not operate normally and I think this is a bad design or manufacture defect. None of my engines ever ran this hot or done this.

I ran it rich and used a cold plug. W/ 2-3 head gaskets still runs hot. The head sucks.
My Conclusion is the GT5-A is a pile of crap don’t waste your money.
Go ahead and find out for yourself you will see that I am right.

The 2011 Original Gt5 is a great set up and comes w/ 8mm head studs, and a nice head.
I wish they would tell you the detailed specs on the engine before you buy it instead of a dice throw or gamble of what you are going to get?
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