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Default Re: Motor Rear Mount Thruster Fixie Progress

xetaprime, If you do have issues with any of the mounting you've done here it will be the rear studs, these studs take the biggest beating of all and are the most common to break.

It doesn't hurt a thing for these engines to be mounted in a position that has the carb. at an angle, all three of my bikes have the carbs at an angle and they all work great and have for hundreds of miles.

If you do have an issue with the rear studs breaking since you have them extended some far out, just remove that mount youmade and mount the engine solid to the seat post tube like it was meant to be and then use a good studdy extended mount to secure the engine at the front and you should eliminate the troubles if you should have them.

I hope it works out great and causes you zero problems, but I am a bit concerned about the length of those rear studs, I had many trouble in the begginning myself in that area until I realized that having that rear mounted solid to the frame is a must on these engines.

Peace, map
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