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Default Re: Custom Frame For Thumper Motor

Originally Posted by silverbear View Post
And we old guys are just trying not to fall off our bikes as we watch you go by.

Pat, that's a great design with the sprocket. Why not a smaller sprocket? Also would be nice to have an easy source for 12 and 11 gauge spokes in lengths for either a 24 or 26 rim. Just wishing...
Hey SB,
On my drum hub I used the adapter plate thickness to establish the correct offset with a flat sprocket. From there we needed to come up with a sprocket bolt pattern. This pattern was chosen based on available sprocket blanks, which are common and therefore cheaper in current standard sizes. The sprocket bolt pattern has a specific call out number so you can easily order from various suppliers. Give them the tooth count and pattern number with chain size and you can get the sprocket made. Same split pattern as Jr. dragsters and Karts. I can go smaller than 40t, and may, but it will not be a split design.
Spokes? There are spoke companies that can easily make any spoke diameter and length you need including 11ga for 24" wheels.

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