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Default Re: Painting a headbadge...

I got some fingernail polish yesterday, matching the color pretty closely to the frame color... took a painted part with me for comparison.

I decided to do the Hiawatha fender ornament first. Interesting that the wee bit of old paint remaining in it was red, a bit at the feather headdress fastening hardware and in the recessed lettering. Once dry I light sanded with super fine sandpaper and followed up with the rotary tool with a small buffing pad loaded with Mother's Mag wheel polish. Wooho!

Not so woohoo was the head badge which was a mess painting within the lines and then trying to clean up what went beyond the lines. There is too little difference from what is recessed and raised for me to do it well. So I stripped it down with gasoline and buffed it out with the above mentioned rotary tool. Looks almost like chrome now and I can live with that.

Thanks to all for the suggestions.
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