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Default Re: Muffler end cap gone..

Originally Posted by fume555 View Post
Now I know why my bike is so damn loud lol. It's cause the muffler cap is gone. Every time I ride people always stare, it's funny lol. There's a huge hole at the end of my muffler where the tip should be. Is there a way to improvise from scratch and create a new tip or maybe I can buy the tip seperately at an auto store? I don't wanna hafta buy a whole nother muffler.

also is it normal for me to be getting 50mpg on an 80cc engine? is there a tune-up I can do to increase power and mileage? I cruise at around 20-25 mph and my mileage still low. :/
Did you notice an increase in speed with the tip off?

Anyway, are you getting 50 miles per tank or actually 50 per gal?
Check your spark plug. Remove it and you should see a brownish color on the tip. Black is too rich and white is too lean. Check for fuel leaks. The float on the carb sometime sticks and fuel starts to overflow in the bowl. Check to see if the screw for the fuel line into your carb is tight. You may also be losing fuel when it splashes in the tank. The gas caps are not all that great with keeping fuel in the tank. Try these first and see if they improve your mileage. 50 mpg is not a good sign for the motor. I find at break in, I usually get around 80 mpg.

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