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Default Picked up a Cranbrook need upgrade advice

Pretty bike with the motor I want but... I don't like the ragjoint. I pulled the front wheel apart and don't like the nine ball setup when it seems ten would fit. I haven't been in the rear wheel yet. I know this is a cheap bike and want to get better wheels. Am I worried about nothing? I have an old mountain bike fork I was going to cut off the fork bridge and tig weld it to the fork to fit v brakes for the front wheel. What about the back hub? Will the coaster brake hold up or would a wheelmaster wheel or some other be better? I don't know what kind of hub this has.Alloy rims or steel? I guess I think the v brakes might work better on aluminum rims for the front. Also I like the fenders but they scare me with the razor thin fender mounts. Any way to beef up the fender mounts or make better ones or maybe just take them off. I don't want to leave them the way they are.

There are no bike shops around here so anything I need will have to be online. Also I used boat trailer wheel grease is this ok or is there better stuff to get. I'm sure its better than what was in there. I know next to nothing about bike hubs and wheels and am looking for advice from some of you mechanical guys.
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