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Default Muffler end cap gone..

Now I know why my bike is so damn loud lol. It's cause the muffler cap is gone. Every time I ride people always stare, it's funny lol. There's a huge hole at the end of my muffler where the tip should be. Is there a way to improvise from scratch and create a new tip or maybe I can buy the tip seperately at an auto store? I don't wanna hafta buy a whole nother muffler.

also is it normal for me to be getting 50mpg on an 80cc engine? is there a tune-up I can do to increase power and mileage? I cruise at around 20-25 mph and my mileage still low. :/

My engine is breaking-in just great. I'm at around 100 miles and I notice smoother engine rpm, more torque, higher speeds such as 33mph (estimate). Here in Dallas, you gotta have balls of steel to drive a low-speed vehicle on the main roads (40mph). I just stick to the farthest right I can and just cruise feeling the wind blow thru my shirt and hair. I've had some encounters with crazy ass drivers holding their horn for like 5 seconds flat right in my ear. You just gotta drive extra careful because you're on a bike and you have less protection in an accident. Drive defensively and you should be okay.
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