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Default Re: My review of the GT5_A Superhawk

I can understand what your saying, but it is not true with everyone. I consider myself somewhat mechancaly inclined. I have built a really nice bike. i have gone thru alot of trial and error. I have done all the standard upgrading i could possibly do beside actually taking the case apart and grindind out ports and messing with the piston. I have spent days reading all the posts on this and it is still overwhelming for someone who has never seen it done. the post ive seen on it dont really say what exact motor there are doing it to and everybody seems to have their idea on whats right.
Having a motor with this work already done to it, i would have more confidence in doing my own motors like it. Im kinda looking at it like how many motors and top ends would i go thru before i got it right?
I am thinking this winter when washighton is snowed in ill just buy a few motors and experiment with all the porting and transfer ports and pistons. hopefully i wouldnt screw them all up.
Anyway, just buing a 400$ motor and copying from there seems like an easier solution.
But then again nothing ever seems to be easy...
at least ill have something to do this winter..
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