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Default Re: Custom Frame For Thumper Motor

That's a great looking design Pat, the split sprocket is o so handy! I Jeff can't break, I may be able that about 60t? The MM adapter I got at Willow won't stay put so it's off of the race bike, I've got something stronger that won't fail come race time. New wheelset done this weekend, think Atomlab, Surly w/ whimpy, stretchy WTB 12G SS spokes.

Is that hub goin on the 160 or the 200? If it goes on your big race bike and that's a 60t or thereabouts, it should make your gearing just about right!

Keep up the great work Pat, we need it!

Originally Posted by culvercityclassic View Post
The quest for the perfect race bike and daily rider...the latest to come out of the SPORTSMAN garage...this hub and adapter with a split sprocket for easy swaps with-out the removal of the wheel. Such a smart design...The request from Pat: see if you can break Thanks Pat....for the sure is a beauty

Lucky for me I have an area that I have setup for hard runs and a practice track a mile from my house..The old Hughes Air Craft area...
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