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Default My new ride runs like a dream

So my "virtually new bike" required some adjustments as well as some better understanding. The chain guide (or maybe slack controller is better) was put on backwards. It made the chain run out of line. I reversed it and all is now straight. I got some 2 cycle oil for air cooled, mixed it with some gas (16:1 for now) and went for a ride. I didn't quite understand the writing on the choke but found it in the manual I was able to download. Once again DIRT to the rescue. Thanks again. I changed some handle positions just to make things easier for me. I ordered a new plug and wire from SICK. The ones I had on there will do the job until they get here. I don't hot rod so as a helper motor it will do the job. It ran REALLY good. Now for the real big question. TIRES. I don't like surprises so since a flat would qualify as a surprise I need to address this issue before I go riding off into the sunset. I have seen others discuss this so I will just ask flat out. How can I be sure that I don't get a flat? I saw some kind of "Slime Kit" at Wally World last night but I need some "enlightened" input. I just FLAT (no pun intended) OUT don't want a flat. The front wouldn't be so bad (but I still don't want one) and the back looks like a trial and tribulation at the very least. I want to address this in my garage and NOT 20 miles out in the desert on a dirt road. I was on one today and came across a 4 foot long Mohave Green Rattlesnake. Fortunately I was in my F-150 so I was safe. For those of you unfamiliar with that specific snake it is a very aggressive type. They don't run but rather turn and attack you. Since my desert "carry weapon" is an 1873 Colt Cattleman upgraded to 44 Magnum I decided to make sure he doesn't find me next time I'm out prospecting. Suffice it to say Tom 1 Snake 0.
I don't need to have a problem in their neighborhood. But back on point. How can I be sure that I won't get a flat?
Thank you in advance.
Tom in Kingman AZ
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