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Default Re: I am not competing just posting

I have been struggling to decipher the lingo, and finally figured out CVT but is that crazy little 41-ish chain on the Happy Time actually BMX chain? Expiring minds want to know. I have a Comet CVT that is good to 5hp but is probably too big and draggy for a "Happy Time". I do have a 100cc Guazzoni gokart engine that supposedly puts out 15 hp and 15K rpm. However I understand it is one of only 2 in the US and I re-ringed it with supposedly the last set here. I am a bit reluctant to depend on it. At one time Bill Tenney, a noted outboard racer, imported Anzani outboard racing engines and sent one of the Guazzoni's free to a potential outboard dealer back in the heyday of micromidget racing in Bartlesville Ok. I am really playing with what to do since I uncovered a lot of forgotten project material in my storage shed. I could maybe put my 31cc Kawasaki snow blower mill on an E Scooter frame. I have already stuck a string trimmer centrifugal clutch on it as it is too rpm limited for my 1/4 scale Crackerbox boat. I could shorten and insert the flex shaft tube in it and run the #25 chain from the E with it's ~6:1 sprockets and a rough calculation at 6K it would run ~42 mph. I may do precisely NOTHING but my mind is working, which is healthy maintenance when you are 72. After awhile maybe that unknown rich uncle will die and I can get on with finishing my Lotus 7 build and m/bikes will be forgotten again. Now I think I will take on Hewlet Packard to see if I can trick my smart a-- printer into publishing some of my pix for you.
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