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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by ddesens View Post
Yesterday, I had to re-adjust my rear sprocket/rag joint setup. The chain popped off twice in 12 hours. I'm beginning to really dislike the rag joint. Its nearly impossible to get this thing perfectly straight. My 1st bike I put over 200 miles on it before I had to tighten any bolts on it. The rubber discs are not cut with even thickness. One is more wedge like than the other. I had an extra kit so I tried to match up the 2 best rubber discs.
The rag joints really do suck. Are you using some sort of reference when truing your sprocket? I.E. suspend the back wheel so it can spin freely (if you don't have a truing stand) and secure the wheel without the chain on. What I do is duct tape a piece of zip tie to the frame just touching the sprocket and then spin the wheel. Wherever the sprocket rubs the zip tie the most I tighten the surrounding bolts just a touch and then I move the zip tie a bit closer, until I'm satisfied. I use the the same method to true my wheels, except with a zip tie on both sides of the rim.

edit: noticed you're a senior member so you probably know how to true a sprocket already but if it helps one person that's good enough for me!

Anyway, today I replaced my first broken spoke! Repacked my wheel bearings while I was at it. Put probably a 100 miles on this engine and when I took it for a spin tonight it was running smooth like buttuh...needless to say it was extremely f@#king satisfying . It's bogging on the low end a bit but I haven't touched the carb at all, going to wait a couple hundred miles before tweaking it.

This project has been a crash course in bicycle maintenance and that's what has me most excited. Gone into this looking for a surf check mobile and came out with some good knowledge. I can true a wheel like it's nothing!

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