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Originally Posted by macAlpine View Post
howdy and thanks for posting. no, i didnt clamp it down right over the cable stays. i made a wooden spacer that fit the curve of the tube and the curve on the underside of the tank. the side that faced the tube had notches in it for the cables to run over. works great! i'll post a pic later.
I'll have to try that, I have some scrap wood from a few projects around. I've been using strips of a thin, heavy-duty rubber material that I get sometimes at work. (The rubber sheets are put on the floor of a truck, and then a pallet is put on, and it's supposed to help keep the skid from sliding.) On my second build we had to work around cables running on the top of the tube, so a couple of strips of metal that were a tich narrower than the space between the cables sandwiched between a rubber strip on the tube and a couple of strips inder the tank has done well.


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