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Default Re: Ernst from Turllock Ca

I apologize for yet another "boy cries wolf" post.

The carb was loose and turned to spill gas and flood.
I would have moved it as I started off after a stop sign this morning.

I'm guessing my nick name is "often-wrong."

But thank you.. Nonetheless.

I just worked on lock tight-ing the T-Bar extenders so they don't fall apart on the road like the last ones did. At $15 dollars they add up fast when they lose a nut and bolt. They are machined just for the unit.

I now swear by blue lock-tight.

I now have the in wheel red lights, the rear facing bell bike "headlight" it is set on blink and aims down to the road. and the twin beam head light.
It is dark when I set out now.
I need my bicygnals so if I am not doing motorized bicycle maintenance tomorrow I must get on that.

I feel like I am making progress towards breaking even on things.. Fingers crossed no more major mechanical issues arise for a week or more at least.
Needless to say the motorized bicycle needs a good wipe and a clean as well.

Okay tomorrow is the 100 miles on the new RAW and it runs nice. Seems quieter clutch noise wise but in truth it's simply different from the first RAW.

Oh and I need to say there is nothing wrong with the first RAW now that I understand the power loss issue so I have about 1000 miles on it and it is standing by when needed.

That is the news.. I write in this thread for those who may gain from my experiences.
As time goes on I believe I will gain skills that make problem solving easier and faster but these are the dues I am sure.
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