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Okay, I will have 100 miles on the second RAW tomorrow.

It seems to be a good engine.

I have to confess something and I am not ashamed to admit when I have been fooled.
Indeed the engine mount "muffler clamp" part had broken. Indeed that allowed the mount to loosen and the engine could move some.
However, the main reason for the loss of power at about 27 mph was blockage of fuel flow.
There was a small object down in the opening of the fuel valve.

I know it's 20/20 in hind sight and if I ever have the issue of loss of power at higher rpm I will check the fuel flow first but it didn't happen all the time and I had just changed that back wheel so i was looking aft.

The truth is that I wouldn't have seen the broken part on the mount nor would I have seen the nearly severed woodruff key from wear if I had not taken the motor off and transferred the fat drive sprocket to the new RAW.
What had been used for key stock on the gear was an undersized woodruff key and it had taken some wear.
Now this new "key" is a hybrid of a woodruff and a square key that I hand cut and it fits exact and snug since it is the exact size and a hybrid of woodruff and square. The fat sprocket expects a square key stock and the shaft expects a woodruff key from what I can tell.
Now I have also upgraded the fuel lines from clear tube to the black hose type.

So I was fooled but in the end I found the cause and I repaired two things I wouldn't have known about if I hadn't done the remove and replace (R&R) with the woodruff key being something that could have failed on the way to work and caused me to miss a day during my probation period on the new job. That would have had the sprocket spinning on the shaft and me going no place with possible miles to peddle back home.. Bummer avoided.

It's good to see the bright side of things and to see how events fit together.
In this case I spent time with a co-worker which helped develop a friendship and I also took time to repair my ride satisfactory.

I still do not use the coaster brake but I can if need be. I do practice some when I think about it so if I do need to have extreme braking action I will have some reference as to how it handles.

Now since the sun is rising much later than it used to I must find the parts to the rear light for safety. I also wish to finish the bicygnals modification since it is now dark enough for them to be useful as well as change the battery in one of my wheel lights..

Okay this brings me to one last thing.

In upgrading the fuel lines I took off the stem the tube attached to on the carb. It has a needle in the hole so I assume that is the flat and needle valve.
My question is this; is there some "adjustment" aspect to that? I saw for the first time this morning fuel overflowing from the carb after the engine flooded so I assume I have some adjusting to do.
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