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Default Re: Painting a headbadge...

I've done some of what you're trying to accomplish and it is time consuming and tedious.
I paint the whole piece the color I want in the background then when the paint is dry use very fine sandpaper on a hard surface like a wood block to take the paint off the raised surfaces. If the part needs multiple coats to get the final result you want, then sand between coats so you don't have so much paint to remove in the end. If you want the raised lettering a different color, that's where the fun begins.
I've used a liquid masking with good results. Carefully painted on, it will peel off after the paint has set. Good luck. Let us know how it turns out.
I'll try to get a good photo of a Ford logo that I did for my car. I'll post later if my old camera hasn't died.
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