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Default Re: My review of the GT5_A Superhawk

my buddy brought the bike back sunday, same problems, blown head gasket.

head was warped again, and the spark plug was loose, which i thought was pretty strange. i had put an ngk in with anti-seize on the threads, like i always do, but somehow it loosened up.

tightened the plug, sanded the head, and installed 2 headgaskets, hopefully to lower the compression just enough to stop them from blowing.

overall, i'm disappointed with this motor, and with the standard gt5, and anything else that comes out of the skyhawk factory, and i'm pretty much at the point where i'm not going to build anymore bikes for sale until there's a motor available that's more user friendly.

if it was my bike, i can work out all the problems until it's right, but having a customer/ friend call me every week saying "my bike's broke again..." and then having to stop what i'm doing to fix problems that grubee failed to address when they built the motor, that's no fault of the customer, but due to lack of testing, quality control, etc, is a waste of my time and money.
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