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Default Re: Which Bike Is A Better Choice?

Originally Posted by addenton223 View Post
I have already purchased my 66cc motor and I am looking to get my bike before the brown box comes in. This is my first build but I want to choose a bike that is not only sturdy, but it also looks good. I have got it down to two bikes. Which one is a better bet?

I know their both from Walmart but I am just a poor college student looking to enjoy a bike ride. the black bike would be easier to install with smaller tubes on the frames and no rear fender to work around, and the cruiser would be more work with drilling the hole for the engine mount and cutting the fender to allow room for the chain, but it would look much nicer and I would enjoy the ride more as it would be more comfortable. Which one should I choose? Schwinn Point Beach 26" Men's Cruiser Bike: Bikes & Riding Toys

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The second bike looks like something that Richard Simons designed. lol
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