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Default Re: Mountain or Cruise?

Brother it is honestly your choice. The only way to learn about this is to get 90% of the way through it (or have it fully assembled) and realize that particular issues about "that" bike. Always check your bearing tightness on your back wheel. I am running a 48cc Grubee Skyhawk and it is chain driven. I constantly have to check the chain tightness, or I will lose a chain. All nuts and bolts have to be checked for loosening: aka motor mounts, carburetor..ALL! I ran a Mongoose mountain bike frame and thought I was going to have to go to the doc for....well let's say it was a "pain in the butt". On that note a spring seat is optimal. I didn't like having to fight with all the cables, shifters and levers that were on the mountain bike. With the mountain bike I was hitting 30mph. I changed to a beach cruiser (old school...with a spring seat) and now am going 40 mph and the rear bearing case is larger to handle the torque of the motor. I am pleased with the cruiser...but, to each their own. My thought is: Mountain bike...too much stuff going's already complex just trying to get the motor like you want it. Cruiser...Simple start, wish I had started with it a long time ago!
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