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Default Re: My review of the GT5_A Superhawk

As for the CNS Carburetor, They work great, lots of POWER fast starts, they are the New edition to this league type of engines. The problem I think many people are having is?
1. Understanding the Choke! Controlling the Choke Handlebar Lever.
2. Idle Problems!
3. Adjusting the needle pin on the Slide and the air fuel mixture screw.
4. Only make Adjustments after its reached the operating temperature.
1. The choke lever on the handlebars, when the cable is pulled, its! Choke ON.
I found when its cold you turn it on or the cable all the way pulled and it starts 1st time. Let it idle. If you turn the throttle it might stall. So turn the choke lever down to half on, or only On. So, I found it ran great at choke On about - ways On as it warms up or turn it down as it warms up but not all the way off till its warmed up. You might find yourself running the choke On about On for a while till it warms up real good.

2. I found that the throttle cable sticks and the slide sticks! So I took the cable off the slide and I use WD40 w/ a red straw and lube the Throttle cable real good then I found that the spring on the slide needs to be pulled just a little, don’t stretch it too much maybe about a inch or inch. Then assemble it back together.

3. After it reaches operating temperature, Then turn the choke off or cable not being pulled on the handlebar choke lever. Also, if the lever does not stay in the position you set it at, tighten the screw on the choke lever, use lock tight.

4. Now set your idle screw turn the idle screw that controls the slide.
Then adjust your air fuel mixture screw. If it has good bottom end power and too rich on full throttle then you may need to move the C clip on the slide needle pin up! (Make the neddle pin longer is leaner)
Move the C clip up one notch to lean it, put it back together. Drive it!
Adjust the air fuel mixture screw. Test it again.

Also if the engine does not have 2-4 tanks the break-in period you might not get the good power yet.
They always run better after break-in. After break-in fuel ratio changes. 4oz to 1 gal gas.
I use synthetic 2 stroke or 2 cycle oil w/ 91 high Octane Gas and I had problems w/ gas that has ethanol cut or what is it 10% corn stuff? never again.
Hope this helps someone!

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