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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Swapped out my rear 24x3.0 tire today. I was feeling spooked by it this thing was wore very thin and the remaining side tread actually looked like it was gonna crack plumb off. Went over my millage records Actually about 2500 miles was on the tire so not too bad!

A great big large balloon tire lol. I looked for a long time to find that tire and then forever more to score the tube. I do like the look and stance it gives the bike. Yet this tire really is not that durable to me.

This was from when I very first got the bike I have things dressed up on the bars much sweeter now. It shows that rear tire stands like a 26''. Gonna get my camera situation figured out tomorrow for sure ''BEEN WAY TOO LONG'' and up date my thread, post a pict of the wore out tire and cracking tread. The Bike two 001.AVI - YouTube

I think I want a slightly smaller tire now. I just can't seam to find what I am looking for I want a cross between off road and pavement in something way more durable. 24x2.75 is Ideal. ''For the tube I found and came to love''. This tube came in a shoe box! It was thicker than anything I have seen. No way it was 3mm thick had to be twice that. Dunno how manufactures are coming up with these specs? IRC MOTORCYCLE TUBES Would freak-en love to score a real motorcycle tire in this mark! Anyone got suggestions? Could use some links mebbe

None the less I have three more of these tires on hand I'll need to use up.

I examined the tire and tube after I took it off the rim. I found chafing on the sides of the tube from the way the balloon tire rolls. Was a little disappointed. Plus this was a experimental tire and tube combo for me. The tube a queer size and the largest tire I have ever ran.

I also found one Pyracantha thorn. Nasty looking thing and one 1/4'' piece of shard wire. like the wires in car tires that expose when about to blow out. Got know idea how I picked that up?

This tire /tube never ever went flat on me. I had about 12 ounces of the Vulcan blood in it lol and 10 in the front tire now that I think about it. The price of mebbe three gallons of fuel at the most got me this far without a hitch.

I cleaned up the tube dragging my hands around it and a rag. Put 3 more ounces in it needed an IV it lost some. ''All I had left'' Put it in the new tire and its a standing fine full of air rock hard and about 10 miles on it now!

Also it was not green anywhere inside the tire. Seriously! There was one small wet spot from the irritating thorn that looked black in color.. Prolly only gonna use it for a couple more months dunno? But if its working! I will simply keep using it. The test is simple no leaky I leave it alone. Its the chafing from the balloon tire on the sides of the tube that made me pounder the most..

I love thick tubes!
Still gotta have a since of humor.

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