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Default Re: What is this mystery part please??

It's a puller that that is used to remove the 10 tooth sprocket,
the small bevel gear and the clutch from the motor.
You flip it over and reverse the screw to thread into all 3 parts

Hopefully you won't need to use it.

Originally Posted by baD mR fRosTy View Post
Yikes...I've 3/4 finished a 69cc (80) kit, and still have NO IDEA what this thing is. I got the motor from boysgofast in Calgary AB, and honestly, so far I have found two parts to be missing. The "half-moon" metal backs, and the fuel stop-cock. I am assured they are on the way.

But what on earth is THIS thing? It's in their Ebay picture, and trust me, I have been perusing you folks' vids and instructions for two days now, and cannot see it ever being used, or even shown.

It looks to my truck-driving eyes like some kind of "one-size fits all" drain plug for a large oil pan!

LOl...any help please?

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