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Default Re: Which Bike Is A Better Choice?

Oh yes I'm sure retromike, less than $115 for that Chinese motor and those cranks are cheaper than the one piece that come stock on the $300 stock Felt (from China) The SR Suntour fork......a whopping $114. I built my bike to RACE mind you!

A cheap China Girl 2-stroke should be mounted on an equivalent POS bike for the sake of what it! Those 2-stroke kits are a dime a dozen, so it stands too reason. I would never waste an expensive entry level Mtn. bike on some cheap if-y chinese junk 2-stroke sub-par engine. Period.

Originally Posted by retromike3 View Post
Are you sure you don't have your numbers mixed up? I have yet to se a engine for a hundred dollars (unless if "fell off" the back of a truck). I also noticed that your not dealing with the stock fork or crank. Either way I'll stick by my statement: toy store bikes fail. I'm not recommending you go and shell out eight grand for a carbon fiber bike I'm just saying there's a certain quality limit and if you go below it you will be disappointed.

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