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Default Re: I bought a virtually new bike

It gets better. The reason that I DON'T have mounting bolts on the front is because the diameter of the frame at that point is wider than the bolt pattern for mounting. My first thought is to take my Dremel and cut a channel for the bolts to clear. I don't know if this will weaken the frame to any great extent. The good (if there is one) is that the front mounting "area" sits on the frame and looks secure. Since the torque will pull down on the front it looks like it can only seat itself tighter on the frame. I could "rig" something to keep it from dropping down in time by perhaps wearing on the aluminum block itself. I am wanting to change the spark plug wire as advised but it seems to be permanently secured into the "kill switch" assembly. I wonder if I pull hard enough if I cannot make it come out and put another one.(there is NOTHING that brute force and ignorance cannot overcome). It is now stretched as far as it will go. If I can find a "stubby" spark plug it will not have to go quite as high. I am also planning on going with a dual brake lever. I found that "super strong" chain for $60. I went through the pre-trip procedure so all the tools that I will need are together in one place.
Good thing that I'm retired and have the time to do all the stuff I want to. I could NEVER do my old job (long haul truck) and do this also. Thank you again for your help.
Tom in Kingman AZ
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