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Default Re: I bought a virtually new bike

New question. My torque wrench does not go down to 10 ft lbs. So I have an inch pounds wrench which will go down. I "believe" 120 inch pounds is 10 ft lbs. As for mounting bolts. After a quick look at the bike there seems to be NO bolts on the front (at least that I can see without lying under the bike) and the bolts in the back are studs. I can take the nuts off (10MM). Is it recommended to take a vice grip and remove the old studs and replace with something stronger? I have seen posts where they have sheared and broke even with the block making it necessary to drill the old broken one out. I think a lot sticking out now is better than nothing sticking out later. I believe someone recommended the replacement of the head bolts. Are these studs as well? If so it looks like I must remove the head to accomplish this. Once again, thank you for your help.
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