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Default Re: What's going on with MB kits and the EPA?

Biknut, you are certainly correct...nothing anyone here can do about a chinese company. Courts here can lavy a fine on them if they want..but they have no enforcement authority in china thats for sure. They can only attach you if you have assets in the USA, which I think is why no Chinese engine companies have established distribution networks here, as the Japanese and european engine companies have.
However..that being said, the EPA inspectors have already been visiting many companies here in the USA..and fineing them for selling non-compliant equipment and engines. It really makes you grit your teeth to read the EPAs "enforcement actions" website. It is a bragg'n page listing all the US companies they have fined..they began in jan this year, and they have already visited our warehouse, and the warehouse of other engine and equipment distributors. The EPA inspector personell always show up in two's, they show their credentials and state they are here to inspect the inventory. The ones that showed up at our warehouse were responsible for inspecting everything from cattlefarms to gas stations, and did not speak the language of our industry. They were only interested in labels. They have the authority to levy fines to anyone involved in the "sales chain" as we were told...manufacturer, wholesaler, or retailer. Their website seems to verify this because they list the zillions of dollars they have extracted from all of the above.
Luckily, we were legal.. mostly because our engines are 120 days away from us, (they came in march, and we had only 2010 production) and we have no equipment in the warehouse. We only distribute Honda engines, and Honda, being always a target due to the size of the company, (deep pockets) wont bring engines here that are not compliant. and as for the engines that we sell without fuel systems on them..We have already informed all US manufacturers that if they are not compliant with EPA regs..we must stop shipping engines to about a bite in the..grrrr..
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