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Default Re: What's going on with MB kits and the EPA?

Originally Posted by Dagwood View Post
Gents...That is a FAKE EPA compliance Label. OR maybe I should NOT a compliance label. Weather or not it is intended to make you think it is I cannot say.
I was thinking it looks pretty suspect. If China thumbs their nose at our laws, our politicians will roll over and play dead. They own us.

We just canceled an EPA rule that was going to dramatically raise costs for power plants this year.

Last year a new federal law went into effect banning freon 22 condensing units. They were unavailable for about 9 months. Then they started showing up again. After being warned about this law for the last 5 years, apparently nobody decided to check what the law actually said.

It turned out the law didn't say they couldn't make them, it only said they couldn't ship them with freon already in them.

The government couldn't stop Carrier, couldn't stop big coal, so what's the chance they'll be sucessful stopping China shipping little 2 stroke motors? So far I'd say not much.
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