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Default Re: What's going on with MB kits and the EPA?

Gents...That is a FAKE EPA compliance Label. OR maybe I should NOT a compliance label. Weather or not it is intended to make you think it is I cannot say.
It does NOT have the EPA issued compliance number on it. That number is the key to the whole EPA scheme. A Manufacturer registers with the EPA..then provided proof that they build the engine to the standards required, and that process is a long and tedious process called " EPA Verify"
it involves maintaing a database on the EPA's computors..mirrored on the Mfg's and updated monthly. THEn..after the EPA decides you, the mfg, are compliant they issue you a compliance number and the mfg must affix it to their engine on a label..even the verbage on the label is specified by the EPA. That way, when an EPA inspector, (part of all the jobs the administration created in 2011) looks at it, he can determine by checking the EPA database, that the MFG is in compliance. The fact is...even if you build an engine or a product that fullfills all the requirements set forth in the Clean air act...but it does NOT have a label with your compliance number on it, it is illegal to sell it in the USA. I currently have many customers in the USA building equipment per the regs, but have not recieved their compliance number yet. One particular customer, who builds firefighting equipment, began the process the first week in jan, 2011 , when the "EPA verify" system went online, and still, as of sept 2011 has not been issued a number, even tho the equipment is built to specs. His exact words to me last week was.."Its been like giving birth" countless requests for additional docs..affidavits and the like..all accompanied by weeks inbetween responses...The really ironic thing is..Every single component used is ALREADY EPA approved..
AS an application engineer for an engine distributor in the USA, I am involved very extensively in this process and the beauracratic horse$$$t is unbelievable.
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