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Default A Dash For My Bike

I didn't like my handle bar mount of the GPS. So I thought what I need is a small dash where I could mount the GPS and maybe a switch for some red LED lights that will shine down on the motor.

Here is an idea done in cardboard with the GPS mount attached to it instead of the handle bar mount.

On the bottom of the "dash" will be a hole so that the metal plate (dash) will settle down around the bolt head that holds the handle bar in the down tube. The light switch will be on either side of the GPS. There will be 2 "U" bolts holding the dash to the handle bars. I already have 12v wires in place for the GPS. The actual shape of the dash probably will change some.

Any ideas on improvements to this basic idea?


PS: The light shield around the GPS is made from some gasket material I had. It works GREAT!
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