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Post Re: New Build Questions

Hey gunslinger,

Im pretty new here myself, but in my research and on here I have seen a number of reputable and reccomended sites. There was only one company that I will mention had a forum post 3-4 years ago against ordering from, and another one on here a couple months ago (, seems to be a 50/50 split whether theyre good to order from or not. I went with distributing, if you want to research the company), as they were the most responsive to my inquiries. I had phone as well as email support with both technical and customer support reps, they continue to assist me even after payment, I ordered late friday and recieved a Fedex tracking number early monday. There was a post I saw on here the other day with a list of companies that was listed as reputable, but didnt see it with a quick search as I was writing this. Many others on here might be much more informed than me however, as they have been here alot longer...

Hope this helps,
the dude
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