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Default Re: I bought a virtually new bike

Originally Posted by dirt View Post
Dirt, you ROCK!!! Got it downloaded AND printed for reference. The oil is still a bit hazy but it looks like I will go with 24:1 for break in and 32:1 after. This is only to relax my brain from worrying for now. Since I can't get to town for a couple of days I won't be riding it with the engine running. One thing that also stops my progress is the lack of local support. There seems to be NO ONE local that shares this passion. The same with my Baja Bug. I'm kinda on my own as far as hanging around with other affectionados that stand ready to help with projects and advice in real time. As for buying stuff. We have a couple of MC shops here and quads are plentiful albeit 4 cycle. I think the Harley shop can help. We have a bicycle shop but I don't know their attitude to MB's yet.
I have to say right up front that this bike will in no way be a "daily driver". If it's down for parts or something I still have a F-150, Baja Bug and a Rodeo. With that being said I still will have a specific USE for it but not a specific NEED. My planned use will be mostly on flat level roads so the motor will be a luxury since I CAN peddle myself home. I want to know all I can about this because I don't mind something not working BUT not because I screwed up. It looks like there is a "pre-trip" check list that makes sense. If I get into the habit of going through it every time I want to ride things will go a lot smoother. As things stand now the absolute furthest distance from home I will take is 40 miles . I can peddle home if I must.
I thank everyone for their kind attention to my needs and questions. I will still be asking BUT I will also try myself to find the answers. The last thing I am looking into is the chain. The manual talks about a 415 chain. Without being in my garage I will for now think that this is what I have. I will search for an upgrade and get back with a progress report. Thank you again.
Tom in Kingman AZ
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