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Default Re: First Build (Underway in less than a week!)

enjoy your new bike.

1. you can cut the fender. either a notch for just the chain.
or you can cut it so it is shorter on the front.
your kit may also contain a chain guard. you can use that to hide the notch cut.

also you may just want to take off the fender @ first. just so you are sure of the geometry of where the chain sits.

2. i believe that bike has a coaster brake. so you don't need a duel brake lever.
i don't have a cranbook but, there probably a spot to add a cable brake to the back. some people use the duel brake lever. from my understanding it isn't the safest idea. sometimes when you brake, the tire locks up. its normal. if one lever pulls both brakes, there is more of a chance of both tires locking up. if one tire locks up the other is either steering or being a rudder. if both lock up, that could send you sideways.
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